Do You Want to Find the Best Employees?

When you’re looking for people to hire, you want the best employees. You want people who can do the job. You want people with a “can-do” spirit, you will show up and demonstrate a good work ethic. Reliable and on-time.

You also want people who can get along with other people. People who pick fights or can’t get along with their supervisors can negatively affect the entire work environment.

Finally, you likely want people who will stick around when they do a good job, and not leave just as they’re fully trained.

But how do you find these people?

You Have to Specifically Recruit for the Best Employees

First, you have to recruit for what you want. If you want people who are already skilled in the job, you have to specify that in the job descriptions. If you’ll train the right person, say that too.

If you want folks with the right work ethic, you need to build that into the recruitment process. Ask for references and ask past employers specifically if the people you’re looking at were reliable. Did they show up on time? Did they have a good work ethic?

You also need to ask if they got along well with other people. Were they easy to supervise? Recruit for fit with the existing team and management.

Finally, you need to look at resumes to see what their past job histories were. The best way to predict future on-the-job work is to look at the past. If someone is reliable and stayed a reasonable period of time on the job, they will probably do that for you.

Make Sure Your Offers Are Competitive

Even when you do all these things, though, you have to make sure your offers are competitive for the job title and industry. If you offer wages that are significantly below what the market is paying, it’s not likely you’ll be able to get the best employees to work for you. You also need to offer competitive benefits, or you won’t be able to attract the best people.

How a Staffing Agency Can Help You Hire the Best People

How do you find out market rates and standards for salaries and benefits?

One good way is to contact a staffing agency. They are in touch with businesses and organizations throughout your industry. They have a wealth of data that already exists, and can be utilized to help you attract the best employees.

Staffing firms can also offer valuable insight into how best to recruit the best people. They’re happy to help, as they provide an advantage to businesses on hiring for a living! Contact us today.