Four Ways to Attract Passive Job Seekers to Your Job Postings

In a vibrant economy with a low unemployment rate, such as we have now, you want to attract passive job seekers to your available job postings. Passive job seekers, of course, are those who are not actively looking for a job. They already have one, are not looking for a new one, and may not see your postings.

But up to 45% of employed people are interested in new positions if contacted, especially if the job involves higher pay, better benefits or desirable perks, such as flexible hours.

How do you attract passive job seekers? Here are four ways.

1. Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a giant business bulletin board. You can search job titles that match your postings in your area, and find out who is currently in those positions. You could also search job titles that are related or one step under the opportunities you have available, to find people with the skills and for whom your job may be a promotion.

You can use LinkedIn to send them a message asking if they are interested in the posted job. LinkedIn profiles also often contain the person’s contact information.

2. Ask for Employee Referrals

If you have good, reliable employees, ask them if they know someone who would be qualified for the open job, whether they are looking or not. An active employee referral program can be an excellent way to fill open positions.

Chances are good new employees will fit well into the company culture if they have a friend or family member already working for your company and well-regarded within it.

3. Attend Industry Networking Events and Trade Shows

Make it known that you have open positions at these events. You can either ask qualified people directly if they are interested in new opportunities or rely on word-of-mouth to reach passive job seekers. Be sure to gather business cards so you can contact potential candidates after the event is over.

4. Use a Staffing Firm

Staffing firms in your industry know who is working in various positions — often because they have placed them or work frequently with the companies they are in. As a result, staffing firms can be invaluable allies when you want to attract passive job seekers.

The Benefits of a Staffing Agency

A staffing agency can assist you in looking for passive job seekers as well as active ones. We are industry experienced. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.