5 Ways Staffing Agencies Reduce Hiring Costs and Raise New Hire Quality

Hiring new employees can be a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. It can take months for the entire hiring process to be complete, from the development of the job posting to the final checking of references and naming a start date. The average cost to replace an employee in the United States is roughly $4,000.

In the meantime, existing employees have to pick up the slack, which cuts into their productivity. Managers and the human resources department have to work on recruiting and interviewing, as well as making final decisions, which may leave less time for their other functions.

If a new employee proves to be a bad hire, you may have to terminate the person and start the process all over again. This adds to the cost and time as well.

One solution to reducing hiring costs is to hire a staffing agency. They can not only cut down on hiring costs but can help you raise new hire quality. Here’s how.

1. They can help develop job descriptions

Good job descriptions are crucial in hiring the right people. You need to define the skills and experience the position needs. Often, busy or inexperienced managers find defining these factors somewhat challenging, or don’t realize they need to be done. Staffing agencies are experienced in developing job descriptions and can help the hiring managers be more productive in arriving at a completed one.

2. They can screen resumes

Multiple resumes arrive after a job is posted. Some of them will match the skills and experience specified in the job posting and some won’t! Screening them to find the people to interview can be time-consuming, but it’s key to raising the quality of new hires. Staffing agencies are pros at screening. They can find the best quality candidates to interview.

3. They can perform the initial interviews

Once the potential candidates to interview have been chosen, staffing agencies can do the initial interviews. They can pick the final two or three best-qualified candidates for the hiring managers and any other company employees to interview, without the company having to interview all the potential candidates.

4. They can perform background checks and call references

The best way of averting bad hires and getting top-quality people is to perform due diligence on background checks and references. Background checks will determine if there is anything questionable in a person’s past, such as a criminal history. References can be utilized to assess the quality of job performance, reliability, and other metrics that can raise new hire quality.

5. They can increase the speed of hiring

The four functions above, if done by a staffing agency, will reduce the time it takes to get a new hire onboard. As a result, the hiring managers and coworkers can continue to work at peak productivity.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Your Business

Staffing firms can provide valuable assistance to businesses in all facets of the hiring process, increasing the quality of hires and decreasing the time it takes to hire. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.