Here Are the Top Reasons Why You Need to Be Partnering With a Staffing Firm

When it comes time to hire, managers and human resources departments are best served if they partner with a staffing firm. Here are the top reasons why.

They can reduce the time to hire

Busy managers often need people on the job fast, especially in peak seasons. But the steps in the hiring process can take considerable time. Developing a job posting, advertising a position, reviewing resumes, choosing candidates, interviewing, and making a final decision all can take weeks or even months. During that time, productivity isn’t at its peak.

Using a staffing agency is a smart managerial move that can reduce your time to hire. It ensures that any gaps in your workforce are as minimal as possible, and that workforce productivity is as high as it can be.

They have access to a large and deep candidate pool

Staffing firms have a large and deep candidate pool to choose from. As people who recruit for a living, they know the best places to post jobs where qualified candidates will see them.

They also keep in touch both with candidates who are actively looking and with passive potential candidates — those who aren’t actively looking but are well-qualified and would be available for the right position.

They can prescreen to ensure qualified candidates

A staffing firm can prescreen your candidates to make sure they are qualified for the available positions. They can review resumes to make sure that the best candidates are chosen from those who apply, administer any tests, or perform any other pre-interviewing task.

They can perform an initial set of interviews as well, to make sure hiring managers see only the most qualified candidates.

They can perform background checks

In today’s society, it’s very important to perform background checks before making a final hiring decision. References need to be called and asked about past performance and reliability. Screens for drug use and criminal history are prudent and often mandated.

Background checks take time away from human resource departments and busy hiring managers. Using a staffing agency ensures that you can do a background check within an optimal time frame.

They can provide temporary employees

In the current employment market, hiring temporary employees is often the best way to maximize productivity. Temps can help in manufacturing, warehouses, clerical assistance, and more. In addition, of course, a great temporary worker can be offered a job as a permanent employee. It allows you to get a demonstration of their work performance and work ethic before making a commitment to hiring.

Staffing agencies can recruit and screen temporary employees.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Your Business

Staffing firms can provide valuable assistance to companies, providing a large and deep candidate pool, prescreening of candidates, and background checks. They can also provide temporary employees.

Using them can reduce your time to hire and make sure your businesses remains at peak productivity. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.