What Screenings Can Staffing Firms Provide?

The hiring process can be lengthy and complicated. Each step of it takes time. Input from multiple people is usually required. As a manager, you likely want the best and most productive employees hired in as little time as possible so your department can return to full productivity. But the hiring process can sometimes take months, especially if you handle it all in-house.

Working with a staffing firm to provide screenings is one of the most effective ways to ensure that you hire the best employees possible in as quick a time as reasonably possible. Here are the various levels and forms of screenings a staffing agency can help with.

Screening resumes

Are you ever perplexed about why a hiring process takes up to 3 months? Because each step of screening takes busy managers a while, including the first screening of all: going through the resumes that come in. Depending on the employment picture in your area, you may be looking at sifting through 50 to 100 resumes.

A staffing agency can review incoming resumes quickly and efficiently, choosing only the top candidates to be considered for interviews.

Screening interviews

Those interviews take time as well. The fewer top-quality applicants hiring managers have to interview, the more productively the managers’ time is used. Staffing firms are pros at conducting preliminary interviews.

Preliminary interviews can consist of tests, so you are assured of getting fully qualified people to interview on-premises. They can also screen for personality traits, such as dependability and reliability. Screening interviews can ensure that only the most qualified candidates are interviewed for the position.

Background checks

Background checks can be particularly time-consuming because several factors can be involved. They are particularly important, though, because a bad hire can be very costly for your firm, both in terms of time and productivity.

If you have to let someone go in only a few weeks because they cannot operate certain equipment they indicated they knew proficiently, for example, you will have to begin the entire process over again.

The same is true if a new hire turns out to be habitually late, or dishonest. When small businesses go under, theft is the cause in almost one-third of cases. Background checks can prevent bad hires. They are necessary because bad hires are bad for business.

Staffing agencies can call references to make sure that potential hires have the experience they claim to have. They can verify employment dates and positions held.

They can ask former employer’s questions about reliability and dependability, along with questions about other areas.

Staffing firms can perform checks to see if applicants have a previous criminal history.

They can provide drug screenings as well. Unfortunately, substance abuse can impair worker performance and is increasingly common.

Staffing agencies can perform credit checks, which can be an indicator of reliability and dependability.

The Benefits of a Staffing Firm

Debbie’s Staffing can assist in every part of the screening process, from the resume to final hire. We can help you identify great new hires. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.