Want to Grow Your Company? How to Hire the Talent You Need

At times of company growth, it’s not uncommon to need more people. Maybe a lot more people.

Hiring new people can be challenging. It takes time away from the work of the business, for one thing. Developing job postings, reviewing resumes, and choosing the right candidates to hire can be time-consuming.

You also run the risk of making a bad hire, especially if you need to hire many new people. Bad hires are the people who don’t work out fairly quickly. They either can’t do the job well, or they don’t fit the culture, or both.

How can you ensure that your company hires the talent it needs? Here are 4 methods.

Stress the great things about your company

Make your company a great place to work, and then publicize that greatness. Make sure your salary and benefits are competitive with similar companies in the area. Have a mission statement on your website that prospective employees could get excited about.

If your company sponsors sports teams or contributes to local charities, note that on your website as well.

Find out what’s appealing to employees

You can find out what’s appealing to prospective employees by finding out what appealed to current employees! Develop a plan for finding out this data. You can either do a brief survey of current employees to find out what was most appealing to them or add the question as part of the application process. You may find out that your products are appealing, or that Friday afternoons in the summer off, or your location on a bus line is. Don’t assume you know why employees most like to work for you without doing some research.

Once you find out your company’s most appealing traits, add it to your website and job postings as a selling point to prospective employees.

Hire people that current employees know

One of the most tried-and-true methods of getting good hires is to go to current top employees and find out if they have friends or family looking for a job. You can develop an incentive program so that current employees who recommend someone get a gift certificate or a payment.

First, good workers tend to know other people who are good workers. Second, if you hire friends and family of people who already fit in with the corporate culture, it’s likely the new hires will fit in as well.

Hire temporary workers

Hiring temporary workers is another tried-and-true method of staffing up in periods of growth. Importantly, you pay for the temps only for the period of growth. If growth slackens or drops, you can let them go with no severance or other payments.

The other important advantage to temps is that it allows you to see their performance in real time before making a commitment to hiring them permanently. If you hire temps that prove to be stellar performers, you can then hire them for permanent work.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Your Business

Staffing firms can help you grow your business by smoothing the hiring process. We can provide temps for busy periods. We can assist in reviewing resumes and screening employees. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.