Building a Long-Term Relationship with a Recruiter

If you’re looking for a job, recruiters can be a great resource. First, recruiters have jobs! They should definitely be one of the methods you use to find open jobs.

But second, recruiters are also on top of the job market and its trends. Right now, for example, the unemployment rate is very low, so it may be relatively easy to find a job and receive a raise. Good employees are at a premium. But if the economy and job market turn down, the unemployment rate may rise and jobs may become harder to find. Recruiters can advise you of those trends.

Whether you’re looking right now or plan to be looking at some point in the future, it’s a good idea to build a long-term relationship with a recruiter. Here’s how.

Keep in touch

Keep in touch with your recruiter even after you find a job or during periods you’re not actively looking. Drop them an e-mail or a holiday card so they know how you are doing. Keep in touch on social media like Twitter or Facebook.

Return their calls

Sometimes, recruiters call people, either to find out if they are interested in a position or to find out information. Recruiters act as information banks for job-seekers and companies alike. They provide information on the going rate for salaries, for example, plus benefits and other aspects of working at a company.

Always return your recruiter’s calls, even if you aren’t looking for a job. Be part of their network of information. It will end up benefiting you in the long run.

Refer people to them

Good recruiters like to know of potential good employees they can help find a job for. More than three-quarters of recruiters indicate that their best job candidates come through referrals, and 56% find them through professional and social networks.

Ask friends to refer you!

It’s also a good idea to ask your friends to refer you to recruiters! People who are friends often have similar capabilities and work habits, such as punctuality and dependability. If a recruiter worked well for friends, it’s likely they will be a good fit for you as well.

Let a Staffing Agency Boost Your Job Search

If you’re thinking about a new job or have questions about the job market, a staffing agency can help. We offer job postings, advice on how to look, and information about job trends. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.