Signs an Employee May Be Ready for a Career Advancement

Managers need to think about the career advancement of their top employees. Why? First, because it ensures a steady supply of qualified people to the upper levels of the organization. Second, promotional paths for employees are great ways to retain your best performers. Without any way to move up, your best people may look elsewhere.

But how do you identify an employee who might be ready to advance in a career? Here are 5 ways.

1. They want new challenges

People who are very promotable often feel as if they are. They look for new challenges. It’s a good idea to ask about how they see their careers unfolding when you perform the annual review. That way, you’ll know who is interested in doing more and learning more.

2. They offer solutions, not complaints

Employee complaints can be frequent, whether they concern new procedures, workload, conditions, or coworkers. If you have an employee who offers solutions for the areas others only complain about, it’s a very good sign they are ready for career advancement.

3. They suggest a new role

Sometimes, employees look around and either see something that fits their talents or see a gap where a role could be. Has your company grown to the point where a new supervisory level is needed, for example? Your employees may be in a position to see the necessity. If they propose it for themselves, consider it very seriously.

4. They have terrific people skills

Career advancement often depends on people skills. New methods and skills can be taught, but people skills need to be in place to progress up the career ladder. Look for employees who get along with the entire team, who resolve conflicts well, and who can give feedback in a meaningful way. That’s where you’ll find people ready for career advancement.

5. They’re already aligned with the company

Look for employees who are already aligned with the company. Do they actively support the company’s mission, for example? Are they eager bearers of community involvement and company history? Are they the place institutional memory resides? Do they represent the company in some important way?

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