Company Morale Is Imperative in Retaining Talent

To retain your best employees, it’s important to maintain company morale at a high level. What’s morale? Well, it’s the overall feeling about the company and the workplace, a mix of pride, enthusiasm, and positive outlook for both employee’s and the organization.

If there’s a distinct lack of enthusiasm for the company, you’ll have low morale. People will stop showing up for work on time. They’ll start to look for work elsewhere. They may put in the least amount of effort possible.

Productivity will suffer. Plus, you’ll have to recruit more actively to fill the gaps left by people who are leaving. That takes up your time and can also be a drain on productivity.

How can you boost morale? Try these three tips.

Share news of company achievements

The morale of employees who feel like they work for a great company is high. Share news about your firm’s achievements via posters, Facebook or an e-newsletter. You can publicize corporate news, like record-breaking production numbers or a good safety record. Don’t neglect news about your company’s activities in the community as well, like sponsoring a softball team.

You can also widen this to be about the achievements of employees, either on the job or in the community.

Set up ways to succeed

Employees like to succeed. They like to be praised for their work, receive promotions and get perks. Employees who feel they are successful, or there is a path to success, are likely to have high morale.

So, make sure the paths to success are clear. Set forth clear objectives to be met. Praise employees when they’ve met those objectives. Talk to them at least once per year about possible promotional paths. (Performance appraisal time is an obvious time to do this.)

Build morale with activities

Finally, people who feel like they work for a good team will respond with high morale. Use company-wide activities to boost morale. Company picnics in the summer and holiday parties in the winter will build the idea that the company cares about its employees. Lunches or get-togethers during the year are also morale builders.

Do your employees like softball, volleyball, or other sports? Offer to sponsor a company league. It builds both morale, teamwork and enhances productivity.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Your Business

Whether your company’s morale is very high or just so-so, you will eventually have to recruit new employees. Let a staffing firm help. Staffing firms can provide valuable assistance in reviewing resumes, screening and interviewing.

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