Does It Matter What Time You Submit Your Job Application?

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When you’re applying for a job, every detail counts. But does it matter what time you submit it? Here’s some considerations about the timing of your application to think about.

  1. Never turn in an application late

Sometimes job postings will carry a deadline, either of a specific time of day or a date. Always look at a job posting first to see if it had a deadline on it.

If it does, never turn in your application late. Employers often assume that the way in which potential employees turn in an application indicates the way in which they’ll do the job. So, if your application is late, they might assume you’ll be late to work every day, or that you can’t follow deadlines.

If you see a posting just a few hours before it’s due, do the best you can to get it completed on time. It’s very important to complete applications thoroughly and accurately, though, so factor your ability to do that in the time available into your decision.

If you can’t get it completely accurately and on time, it’s better to skip it, just because of the potential for negative assumptions being made about your performance if it’s either late or completely inaccurately or poorly.

  1. Turn an application in as early as possible once you see it

But what if you see an application that gives a deadline of a week or more out? Does it matter what time you submit the application then, if you have plenty of time to get it in by deadline?

It’s a good idea to submit it as soon as you can. Why? Because even though the deadline may be October 20 and it’s October 12 when you see it, employers have been known to start the process if they receive applications from qualified people. So, if they get 10 applications of qualified folks by October 15, for example, they may start interviews and even hire before the deadline.

Remember, a deadline is never a guarantee that the employer won’t start their hiring process until then. It’s to your advantage to move quickly.

If a posting doesn’t have a deadline, it’s still to your advantage to get an application in as quickly as possible.

  1. Aim for a morning time if possible

As long as you get an application in on time, it doesn’t matter a great deal when you submit it during the day. However, if you have a choice, it’s often a good idea to turn applications in during the morning. Why? Well, it’s possible that your potential boss will be impressed. Turning it in during the morning indicates that you would show up in the morning for a job.

By the same token, it might not be a good idea to turn it in at night. If the company checks, they might assume a night submission means that you procrastinate on important matters. Always remember that how you perform on an application will be examined for clues about how you behave in general.

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