5 Benefits of a Temp Job

If you’re looking for a job, it can be to your advantage to take a temporary job while you’re working. Temp jobs have the following very real tangible benefits for today’s job seekers.

Earn while you explore a career

Perhaps the first and most obvious benefit is that temp jobs allow you to earn while you explore a career. Earning itself can help you pay the bills. More specifically, it can aid your job search by giving you some flexibility in choosing what job to take. You won’t have to take the first job that comes along because you need the money.

Temp jobs let you see what the job you’ve been hired temporarily to perform is like. You might find it’s a great position and one you would like to have permanently. Some companies use temp positions to try out employees, so be sure to always do a great job — it could lead to your being hired permanently.

Enhancing your skills

Whether you work with databases or customer service, and everything in between, skills we use are skills we remain good at — and get even better at. So while sitting at home while job-searching isn’t likely to hone your skill set, working at them while being a temp is. You’ll have a better skill set to offer potential employers.

Getting your foot in a company’s door

Working at a company lets you see what the company is like. It also opens the company up to you. You may find via human resources or even through word of mouth that they are looking for permanent staff or even see postings that aren’t open to the public generally. Working as a temp is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Building your network

Your job-search network is composed of everyone you know, from former employers to your in-laws to the people who check you out in the grocery store. The more jobs you’ve had, the larger your network is. Why does a large network matter? Because the overwhelming majority of jobs are never advertised. People hear about them via word of mouth. In other words, through their network.

Obtaining current references

References are vital to getting a job. If you work as a temp, both the staffing agency you work for and the company can potentially be your references. That way, your references are fully current and up to date.

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