The 5 Best Ways to Foster Positive Company Culture

A company’s culture is an  important element. Yes, what a company makes and its profit picture matter, of course! Without excellent products and clients buying them, no organization can stay in business very long.

But it’s a company’s culture that determines whether employees look forward to coming to work every day. It’s a company’s culture that determines whether workers stay for long periods. It’s company culture that builds great employees who are proud of what they do. For all these elements to be realized – contented people, longevity, and pride – a positive company culture has to be in place.

How do managers get a positive company culture? Here are the five top ways.

Be sure to communicate with your employees

There’s no substitute for a positive information flow, between employees and management and among employees. But you must actively build communication into the mix. How? Well, when you develop new policies, survey your employees to get their input. Are you thinking of offering half-days off on Friday as a perk? It could be your employees would rather have some time off on days of their choosing. Positive feelings result from being asked.

Develop teamwork among the workforce

Good teamwork is one of the surest routes to a positive culture. Teams that work productively and happily together will contribute to a positive overall culture. So put teams together! Set up teams to meet specific goals, for instance. You can also have ad hoc teams work together to plan the holiday party or the summer barbecue. Teams having fun can be contagious.

Develop methods for informal communication

Companies function best if people know each other across departments. Accounting should be familiar with the people in Shipping. Warehouse workers should know human resources personnel. But that doesn’t happen automatically, because sometimes, people just know the people around them. The solution? Work out methods to develop ways they can get to know each other. A Friday pizza gathering, companywide, will do that. You can also sponsor field trips to opening day of baseball or a local art gallery.

Build camaraderie through competition

People love games. Partly it’s because they like to win, but it’s also because playing games builds camaraderie, win or lose. So foster competition. You could have groups compete to fulfill monthly quotas quickly, or to meet sales goals. Another method of achieving these is to encourage fantasy sports participation. Have a contest about the spread in the Super Bowl, or who will win the World Cup.

Start an employee recognition program

Everyone likes to be recognized and rewarded for their efforts. An employee recognition program fulfills two functions. First, it rewards good employees and fosters positive feelings. Second, it makes clear what behaviors are rewarded in the culture. An Employee of the Month award based on a warehouse safety record, for example, lets everybody know that warehouse safety is important.

How a Staffing Firm Can Help Your Business

Staffing firms can provide valuable assistance to managers looking for employees who would contribute to a positive company culture. We’re happy to help. Contact us today.