Polish These 7 Job Skills To Get a New Job in the New Year

Planning to look for a job in 2019? Get the jump on it by polishing your job skills now. Despite the many job descriptions you might read, there are essential job skills that important in every position, and never go out of style.

Employers sometimes refer to these as “soft skills,” because they aren’t technical skills and don’t require knowledge you need to go to school for. They are qualities and approaches to tasks and other people.

If you already have these skills, great! Develop a resume and talking points to highlight them in an interview. If you need to develop them more, work on them to wow potential employers in the coming year.

Communication skills

No matter what your job is, communication skills are crucially important. People need to communicate clearly on the telephone, via email, and face to face. About 50 percent of every job depends on communication abilities.

Ability to prioritize

Almost every job consists of tasks and specific objectives. Employees need the ability to prioritize them, and  make sure the most important or the one with the closest deadline is done in order to meet the objective. Prioritizing without direct supervision is a valuable skill.

Working well on a team

Jobs are increasingly team-based and collaborative in today’s world. You need to play well with others. That means working well with fellow team members, pitching in when needed, and keeping your team in the loop.

Flexibility and adaptability

Job roles and positions change. The most valuable employees are the ones who can change with it. Perhaps a warehouse role is suddenly taking on new software or new tasks. You need to be flexible enough to take on those new responsibilities.

Attention to detail

There’s an old saying: For want of a nail, the kingdom was lost. It refers to shoeing a horse properly, so the horse can be ridden to send messages used in battle. But the larger meaning, of course, is that seemingly small tasks can have major consequences. Attention to detail ensures all tasks are done well.

Managerial skill

Managerial skill, of people, time, and tasks is highly important in any job. Managing people ensures optimal relations. Management of time and tasks ensures high quality and productivity. Showing managerial skill can be a path into managerial levels.

Problem-solving ability

All businesses and departments occasionally encounter problems. It may be in production or personnel, or any one of a number of areas. The ability to think through a problem and come up with potential solutions can be invaluable.

A Staffing Firm to Help You Find a New Job

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