How to Improve Your Vocabulary and Wow Them at the Job Interview

How to Improve Your Vocabulary and Wow Them at the Job Interview

Do you worry you don’t express yourself clearly enough? Or do people sometimes use words that leave you wondering what they mean? Do you run across words when scanning the internet that you don’t know?

Improving your vocabulary is the key to solving all these issues. The more words you know, the better you communicate, both in writing and in talking. The better you communicate, the more impressive you will be at any job interview. You’ll increase people’s grasp of how intelligent you are. You’ll also gain fluency and ease in talking and writing, which will improve your all-around communication.

How do you improve your vocabulary? Follow these steps.

Read, read, read

The number one way to improve your vocabulary is to read and learn more words. Yes, you can hear new words on television or on podcasts. But figuring out what a word means and how it’s used depends on the context. On both television and podcasts, words go by very quickly, and you can’t look at them at your own pace. In reading, you can.

Look up the new words you find

So if reading is the first step, the next is to look up any new words you find in the dictionary. You need to find out what they mean. There are a number of great dictionaries, such as Merriam-Webster online. Don’t just look these up, either. Make a list.

Learn a word every day

What if you’re reading and not finding any new words? There’s a fix for that! There are many ways to learn a word new every day. There are, for example, word-a-day desk calendars. There are also websites that will give you a word of the day. Now, sometimes they may have words you already know, but there will be enough so you will learn new ones too.

Play word games

Word games like Scrabble or Boggle are great fun, and they also increase your vocabulary. Know what a “quire” is, for example? It’s a specific selection of paper. It’s also a favorite word of people who play Scrabble, because it uses “q” and “u,” letters worth lots of points. Some Scrabble players keep a dictionary handy, just to make sure the combinations players are making are genuine words. You’ll learn new words in several of these and other word-based games.

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