Seven Things You Can Do to Boost Your Confidence

When you’re looking for a job, your confidence might not be at an all-time high. After all, job searches involve some degree of rejection. No one is hired for all the positions they interview for. Interviews are also situations where applicants are judged – and the very fact of being judged can be stressful and sap your confidence.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to jump-start your confidence. Here are 7 tips to help you grow your confidence levels.

Visualize yourself as what you want

Everyone daydreams. When you daydream, visualize yourself as what you want. If you want a specific job, spend time before the interview visualizing you have it, and the interview is successful. It works because you are setting your brain up to expect success.

Use affirmations

Sometimes, people lack confidence because their heads are full of negative self-talk. “Why didn’t I look the interviewer in the eye?” you might think after an interview. Replace these kinds of internal comments with positive affirmations, such as “I will look the interviewer in the eye and seem confident.”

Bust fear of rejection

Rejection is part of life, whether you’re interviewing for a job or in the dating whirl. One of the best ways of dealing with it is to deliberately court rejection, in order to desensitize yourself to it. For 30 days, ask someone every day something they could reject. It could be for coffee. It could be to buy a t-shirt you silk-screened with slogans. But if you do it repeatedly, you come to see that rejection isn’t universal – some people with accept, some will reject. And if they reject, it doesn’t kill you.

Set achievable goals

Getting to goals you’ve set is a confidence booster. But sometimes goals are too big. Set smaller and more achievable goals if that’s the case. If you hate answering interview questions, set a goal of answering one in a way you feel is good. Plan specific achievements at past jobs to point to. Then celebrate a win whether you ultimately get the job or not.

Reflect on past achievements

Don’t always look toward the future, either. Pat yourself on the back for past achievements. Write down 5 things that you can be proud of. Refer to it every day. It’s your “I did this” to build confidence.

Practice self-care

Many people aren’t confident feel that way because they think some aspect of their physical selves is lacking. They may binge eat, be overweight, not eat healthily, or not sleep enough. The best way to get rid of that drain on your confidence is to change the habits that make you feel that way. Eat healthily and get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. If you need to reduce your weight, make a long-range plan.

Ask for what you want

Whether it’s a promotion in your current job or a chance at a new position, learn to ask for what you want. You may not get it 100% of the time, but you certainly won’t get it if you don’t ask. Ask politely, but be assertive enough to feel that you should receive what you want.

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