How to Help Your Employees with a Great Work-Life Balance

One of the most frequently cited characteristics that Millennial workers want to see in a company is work-life balance. At this point, Millennials — workers in their late twenties and thirties — are the largest group in the U.S. workforce.

But it’s not just Millennials who can benefit from work-life balance. Morale and productivity both improve when workers feel their work-life balance is good. They have time to attend to individual and family needs and work.

High morale and peak productivity, in turn, improve retention for the firm, so your top employees tend to stay. Not only that, but places with a great work-life balance attract top job candidates, as they become known as desirable places to work.

How can you help your employees get a great work-life balance? Here are 4 tips.

Provide flexible hours, if possible

Employees appreciate flex time, because it is one of the chief building blocks of work-life balance. Workers with family responsibilities, for example, might utilize flex time to drop children off at school or pick them up. They might like a schedule that runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. or 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Workers who are attending school part-time can also use flex hours to attain their goals.

Don’t overlook the creation of part-time jobs as a way to help with work-life balance. Individuals with children at work and senior citizens both appreciate part-time work and can be an excellent employee pool to draw from.

Allow remote work, if possible

Remote work, done from home, is different than flex time because it can be set up to follow the traditional 9 to 5 working day. It’s just that the employee works from home rather than onsite. If your workplace has positions that are primarily computer-based, for example, they could be done from home.

Employees working from home must be self-starters, capable of organizing themselves and avoiding distractions. It’s a work arrangement highly popular with employees, as it allows for good work-life balance.

Provide excellent healthcare benefits

Excellent healthcare benefits are a top method of helping your employees find a work-life balance. Employees work better when they are healthier. They can become healthy through regular preventive healthcare, access to a gym, and good nutritional information, such as the importance of eating fruits and vegetables.

Your healthcare benefits should include health insurance to encourage good healthcare. It’s a good idea to encourage gym membership as well, whether the gym is onsite or you offer discounted memberships to a local facility. Make sure your cafeteria, if there is one, has plenty of healthy food or bring in nutritionists to talk to the employees at lunch.

Encourage vacations

In some work cultures, employees feel like they shouldn’t take vacations – as if co-workers and management will resent less than 100% effort, all the time. But the fact is, time completely away from work recharges employees to come back and be more productive.

Create a culture where vacations are a part of life. Everyone is entitled to take their time. Think of instituting a “use it or lose it” policy where everyone must take their vacation days allotted in the year in which they receive them.

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