3 Ways to Make Sure Your Boss Is Invested in You

One of the best ways to progress at work is to have a boss who’s invested in you. That means she wants to see you succeed, she wants to see you grow on the job, and she’s thrilled by any progress you make.

But what if you have a boss that doesn’t seem that invested in you? You may work for a boss who’s extremely busy, overstretched, and doesn’t seem that invested in any of her staff. Sometimes, you have to work at developing a relationship with your boss so they become invested in you. Here are three ways to do that.

Be a top performer

The first, and surest, method for getting your boss invested in you is to be a top performer. You need to do all the tasks related to your job superbly well. Get along fine with all your colleagues. Anticipate needs before they need to be stated.

The bottom line here is: Bosses tend to like and become invested in their top performers. You show them in a good light and never cause any problems.

Work toward a promotion that benefits your boss 

Moving forward at work often means getting a raise or promotion. You want to do that, of course. But you need to do it in a way that gets your boss invested. How do you do that?

Strategize a promotion or a new position that benefits your boss. Then make the benefits very clear to your boss.

Maybe your office really needs someone to take charge of new digital initiatives, for example. Right now, a piece of that is your job, but it’s not top priority. But digital is where the growth is. Brainstorm several ways in which having a new role, digital manager, would help the workflow and productivity of your office. Then, strategize the ways in which you are perfect for the job.

Broach the idea to your boss. Make the benefits of the new position and your filling it clear. If it requires classes, request to take them. Don’t worry if you have to have several conservations; it’s rare to get promoted in one fell swoop.

Respect your boss’s authority

When you’re suggesting a promotion or new role, never demand it. You need to respect your boss’s authority. They have the power to promote or create a new role, or at least to request it of the higher-ups.

Giving your boss a great idea and respecting her decision on whether to move forward with it will do a lot toward making your boss invested in you.

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