How to Avoid Negativity in the Workplace

Even the happiest workplaces can have negative people or negative periods. But some workplaces, or people in them, can be toxic. That can have a downward pull on your happiness in the job, your morale while doing it, and even your overall performance and productivity.

It’s important to have strategies to avoid getting sucked in to a poor environment. But how do you avoid negativity in the workplace? Here are three tips.

Stop complaints

If you find complaining a lot, stop before you begin. Seriously, one method is to visualize a “Stop” sign if you have a desire to say something negative. Think about positive aspects to the job instead, and replace the negatives with positives.

If you have co-workers who complain a lot or are negative in other ways, do your best to stop them. Don’t provide an audience. An audience for a complaining individual can make entire areas of the job toxic. Try to turn the subject to more positive topics outside of work. Replace the complaints with a discussion of baseball or upcoming holidays.

Try to resolve issues 

If there are significant and valid issues to complain about, try to make them better. Do meetings run on too long? If there’s a suggestion box, suggest that meetings be a hour long, tops. Are people not properly trained on new equipment? Suggest further training and the reasons for it to your supervisor.

If people are complaining about each other, don’t make it a three-way conversation. Some people love to complain about a co-worker. Suggest that Person talk to that specific co-worker directly about the behavior they find troubling and remove yourself from the conversation.

Recognize, however, that one person can only do so much to resolve workplace issues. Many issues need willing coworkers and a sympathetic boss, and you may not have those. If you can’t resolve an issue, shift to neutral or pleasant topics when complaints arise.

Focus on your positive goals

If your workplace has issues with negativity that aren’t being resolved, sometimes the best solution is to focus on your own goals. If you are content with the job, focus on the reasons for your contentment. It may be your paycheck, a reasonable commute, or a flexible schedule: anything that fulfills your needs.

At times, the best solution to a negative environment at work is to move on. Sometimes, updating your resume and beginning to look for a new position and a better environment will solve the negativity.

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