Debunking the Stereotypes of Contract Work

The number and variety of contract jobs are growing throughout the U.S. Employers find them a flexible and cost-effective way to ensure that they have workers available to cover their needs, but are not overstaffed during certain periods. Many employers also use contract positions as a training ground to find highly qualified employees.

Employees, however, are not always positive about contract work. Although contract work can offer job opportunities, flexibility, and training in a wide variety of fields, it is unfortunately still subject to some negative stereotypes.

You and your staffing agency can work together to debunk these myths, to help top-notch employees see the value in contract work.

Contract workers are “less than”

One of the most persistent stereotypes is contract workers are considered as “less than” full-time salaried workers. The myths surrounding this can vary, but they center around being considered less worthy of full-time permanent employment, making less than people doing the same job, or having less status with their colleagues.

Debunking this stereotype is relatively easy. First, assure them they will be equally respected and there is no “less than” at your business.

Second, stress the benefits of contract work to the employee. Employee advantages include flexible schedules that are ideal for those with school or family responsibilities, exposure to companies and industries they might not otherwise receive, and the possibility of career growth.

Third, let potential contract employees know that they are at the forefront of the workforce of the future. The number of contract workers is likely to increase going forward, not decrease.

Contract workers have fewer career options and lower pay 

In fact, contract work can increase an employee’s career options and raise the salary they can command. An increasing number of sectors and roles use contract workers, from warehouse staff to certified public accountants (CPAs). Working as a contract employee can open an employee up to new businesses and opportunities they might never have received if they were only looking for permanent work.

Contract workers can also make significant salaries. If they are part-time workers, their paychecks may be less because they are not working the same number of hours. But in all cases, the experience contract workers are receiving on the job can boost their pay down the road.

Contract assignments don’t look good on a resume 

The stereotype here is contract workers may have many short-term assignments that will not impress employers. This one is easy to debunk as well! First, working for one staffing agency or company on multiple short-term assignments can look very good on a resume. It indicates flexibility and a willingness to get the job done.

Second, it’s experience and skills that matter, not length of assignment or whether it is contracted or not. Contract employees will gain a wealth of experience, and many develop new skills as contract workers. The experience and skills will help them in employment going forward, not hurt them.

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