Is It Time To Change Your Management Style? Advice for 2020

Management Tips

Don’t look now, but the 2020 calendars are already on sale, and the holiday party invites will soon be flooding your mailbox. Hard to believe we’re on the edge of another year, another 365 days to do our best and try to be successful in our chosen fields and with our teams. (Actually, we get an extra day this year, so we have 366 opportunities!) As a manager, it’s time to think back on what you’ve achieved this year while pondering what changes you’d like to implement for the next one. 

Just like time, management practices are always moving forward, which means some of the old methods might not work as well in the future. 

Here are a few things to consider before popping the cork on 2020 and leaving 2019 behind: 

Remote Work

Telework and remote working are here to stay. The old ways of a 9-5, Monday through Friday, everyone gathers in the conference room for a meeting, are fading away. It’s still the way most people work, but as the workforce gets younger, they’re looking for more flexibility in where they’re getting tasks done. Be prepared to face more questions about this possibility and have an answer ready. If that means talking with upper management, start having those conversations now. 

Emotional Quotient

Consider EQ in addition to IQ. We all know IQ — the measure of a person’s intelligence and can indicate some characteristics that make for good leaders. But now employers are starting to weigh emotional quotient or EQ, almost as much. A person with a high EQ is an excellent collaborator and has good negotiating skills. A high EQ also indicates the ability to rally teammates and get them to “buy-in” to a concept or change in the procedure because they emotionally connect with their peers. 

Multigenerational Workforce

Be ready for a multigenerational workforce. We’ve heard all about baby boomers and millennials. But now they’re both working for you, under the same roof and on the same team. A generation of workers who have always held down a steady, more “traditional” job and, with it, a more traditional view of the workplace is sharing space and project efforts with brand new college graduates who believe it’s on them to change the world for the better. Finding a happy medium will fall to you — be ready to negotiate based on common goals and a shared vision. 

Women Taking the Lead

Welcome women to the front of the room. This isn’t a matter of trying to make up for gender inequality in the past; it’s a good practice that ultimately has its roots in the steady rise of women in the workforce since the end of WWII. Women still aren’t finding their way to the C-Suite in as high numbers as men, but more women strive for it. Encourage the women on your team to feel empowered to speak up. 

Get Your Leadership Advice from Debbie’s Staffing

A good leader knows when things need to change, and the start of a new year is a great time to try and test out some new approaches. As the year begins, remember that Debbie’s Staffing is at the ready to help provide advice on how to make your office and team more productive and efficient. We can help navigate those tricky times when something’s off-kilter. Schedule a consultation today to get 2020 started with a clear vision for success.