What are the Duties of a Warehouse Assembler?

Warehouse Assembler

Is it time for a career change, or are you just starting out? Were you always good at puzzles or packing vehicles for long road trips? All of these attributes come in handy for warehouse assemblers. 

Warehouses aren’t just for boxes of books and presents from online retailers, waiting to be loaded on to a shipping truck and carried away to the post office for delivery. Warehouse assemblers need to have a special set of skills to help them work with precision, accuracy, and speed to build components and parts. They need to be able to see and understand not only their role in the larger operation but to know how the pieces they handle are crucial to the final product.

A warehouse assembler must: 

Read and understand blueprints.

If you’ve ever tried to assemble furniture at home, you’ll know those directions are critical to making a complete, safe, and adequately constructed item. The same is true in a warehouse. Being able to read and follow blueprints and the steps detailed in them can mean the difference between working with confidence and putting the right components together or creating a safety hazard for the end consumer. 

Feel comfortable with a variety of tools.

From hand tools to battery-operated and corded electronics, assemblers need to know the right tool for the right job and be able to use it in a second’s notice. If you’re assembling furniture that will be shipped from the warehouse to the customer’s home, you need to be able to work with a sense of purpose and accuracy to ensure the final product is safe and defect-free. Someone’s safety might depend on it. 

Be flexible.

Most warehouses will move employees around on a rotation to make sure everyone knows, or is at least somewhat familiar, with all the tasks and stations within a warehouse. Some people might prefer having a dedicated station, and that might be possible, but others might prefer a break from performing the same tasks every day. One area of the warehouse might be putting together bookshelves while another is piecing together cabinets. Be willing to learn how to perform all the tasks in the warehouse — it’ll make you more flexible and a valued employee! 

Be strong and steady.

Most assembly workers will spend the better part of their day lifting, shifting, and carrying parts all while standing at their station. You’ll need strong hand-eye coordination and good vision in addition to the ability to lift heavy pieces of equipment and machinery. 

Pay attention to details.

You’ll have a lot of moving parts going in every which direction as you try to assemble components at your station. Don’t lose track! Keeping things in order while keeping your work area tidy are essential parts of an assembly workers’ job. The right piece, with the right tool, at the right time, can make a world of difference. 

Looking for a Warehouse Assembly Job or an Optimal Candidate?

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