3 Ways You Can Show Your Employees How Much You Appreciate Them this Holiday

Giving back to your employees

The end of the year is quickly approaching but forget about those final quarterly and annual reports and whether all your work will be done before everyone takes a well-earned break for the holidays. 

The question that should be on top of your list is: How can I show my employees that I appreciate all their hard work this year? 

Without your staff, it would be much more challenging to be successful and looking to expand and grow next year. Plus, studies have shown that employees don’t feel as favorable about a company that doesn’t recognize their contributions, and they’re also less likely to go above and beyond if they’re not appreciated. During the holidays, it will take a little more than a handshake and a “well done” to fully express your gratitude, but that doesn’t mean you have to blow the budget either. 

Here are three ways you can give big without going broke. 

Public recognition

Do you have a regular newsletter or other communication that circulates internally, externally, or maybe one that does both? Include a note calling out the terrific work done by your employees this year. If you have a small team, identify them and their contributions individually for even more specific recognition. You’re thrilled with what you’ve accomplished together — why not shout it out!

Feed them

As things wind down for the year, there might be a big swanky holiday party with food and drinks, but why not bring in a little extra treat one day? It could be a beautiful fruit basket, or it could be a tray of cookies. Again, it’s the gesture of showing you’re glad they work for you that will resonate. 

Give them a little time

This might be the trickiest one, but as the year winds down, people’s minds start to wander to all the extra chores and obligations they have. If you can manage it, allow employees to leave a little early, or take slightly longer lunches. It could be on a rotating or team-by-team basis, and it could be as little as a half-hour, but those moments add up and take the stress off employee’s shoulders. It also shows you appreciate their work-life balance efforts. 

If all else fails, just take a moment, get everyone’s attention, and say those two little words: Thank you. Even if you say it all the time, your employees deserve to hear it. 

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