6 Tips to Keep Your Warehouse Clean This Winter

keeping workplace clean

When the weather outside gets frightful, will your warehouse stay safe and delightful? 

Winter likes to unleash the worst weather: Cold, snow, slush, wind, ice, sleet, mud, you name it, and it’s all coming inside your warehouse. 

You want to make sure your workers are safe and maintain the cleanliness of your warehouse to keep things running smoothly without tripping over winter gear. 

Here are six pieces of advice for the long winter months ahead. 

Keep the floors clean

It’s so easy to track mud and slush in from outside, but that presents risks to both the cleanliness of your warehouse and to the safety of your workers. Use plenty of wet floor signs near doorways and anywhere floors might be slippery and take great care to clean up puddles and slush piles as soon as possible. This will limit how much of the warehouse floor is subject to the mess and keeps dirt to a minimum. 

Install strip doors

Sure, they might look like just plastic curtains, but those big heavy strips can keep in warm air, keep cold air outside, and slow the flow of strong wind gusts, which can create a slipping hazard and keep workers protected against incoming snow or sleet. 

Maintain temperature 

It’s not just about keeping workers warm and staving off chills and frostbite. Eliminating condensation keeps floors from becoming slick and reduces the risk of slips and falls. 

Order some waffles (mats)

More heavy-duty gear. Waffle mats trap in the nastiness that keeps liquid none place.  While you’re at it, make sure there are heavy, absorbent carpets throughout the warehouse, including a boot cleaner. 

Stock up on cleaning supplies

You don’t want to run out of materials needed to mop up spills or deal with messes. But don’t forget about buckets of salt. Melt any ice that accumulates as soon as it’s noticed.

Bring in extra help

Your workers will be busy with their normal jobs and might not have the extra time to spend tidying up. If needed, bring in some extra hands dedicated to keeping the warehouse clean. This person can clean snow from the road, keep sidewalks free from ice and mop floors to keep them dry. 

It only takes a moment for a mess to become a major headache. Be prepared in advance, and the long, cold winter might not feel so enduring. 

Keep Your Workforce Safe with the Help of Debbie’s Staffing

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