Setting Your Employees Up for Success in 2020

Setting employees up for success in 2020

You’re in the midst of wrapping up 2019, making sure all the reports are filed and all the accounts are up to date so the year will end with a complete vision of your company’s success.

But take a moment — just a brief pause — and start to think about setting your company, and your employees, up to be successful in the year ahead. 

Here are a few ways to get the ball rolling for the New Year.

Pause for review

Take time to review all that happened in 2019. Look for lapses, or little gaps, valleys among all your peaks and successes. Think about what happened, whether it was expected or a surprise loss, and figure out ways to not only address a similar situation in the future but to find a way to prevent the scenario from happening in the first place. Losses are always an opportunity to learn! 

Remind your team of your mission

Every company has a purpose. You have a specific set of skills, offer a specific product or service and want to achieve certain outcomes. Why not start the year off by reminding your employees of what you’re all working toward, together? They need to know you, as their leader, believe and buy into the same ideas. It helps build a sense of team and unity, and that helps everyone feel invested in the successful outcomes your company achieves. 

Check your staffing levels

Has the company expanded its output in the past year, but you have the same number of employees? Is it time to expand? Are you looking to bring on a new product line? Or will you be eliminating a product that is no longer in high demand, and will there be cuts ahead? Try to gauge, as clearly as possible, where you’ll be going (and hopefully growing!) before making too many commitments to make sure you’ve got the staff you’ll need. 

Teach for the future

Is there a new product line coming in the future? Or have you noticed some areas in which employees might need a refresher on practices and techniques? Schedule some training sessions and bring everyone back up to speed. Maybe there’s even a more efficient way to do things! 

Make repairs now to save time later

Is there a piece of equipment that just isn’t working the way it’s supposed to? Is it time for new machinery? Is there room in the budget to buy new, or refurbished, or do you need to make repairs instead? Addressing these needs now can save time and money later and could increase productivity to boot! 

The New Year is a blank slate to do with as you please. We’re starting a new decade and have 365 opportunities to improve on last year’s successes and learn from those less-than-stellar moments. Make 2020 a year for bold action and improved achievements. 

Keep your business growing this year!

For more advice on how to keep your business growing and going forward, or if you need to bring on new team members to address that growth, call Debbie’s Staffing today. We’re standing by to help you meet your goals for success.