Is Your Job Feeling Monotonous? Talk to Your Boss About Job Rotation

New job rotation

No matter how much you love your job, you might get bored. It happens! 

Boredom at work is usually an indicator that you’re not being challenged enough, or that your routine is becoming stale. 

Have you ever wanted to try to learn some new skills? Or maybe there’s a position opening up at a different area of your company that you think you’d like to try? 

Job rotation might be just the ticket you need to enjoy going to work again. 

It’s a simple concept, really: Job rotation is when an employee has the opportunity to learn new skills within the same team by training on new equipment. Whether this is a temporary move or one you’d like to make permanent, job rotation also allows companies to ensure multiple people can perform certain functions, which is wise in the event of staffing shortages. 

If you want to try something new at work,  be prepared to talk with your manager or supervisor about why you think this is a good idea and how it would benefit not only your morale but could help the company at the same time. 

Encourages employee development

Workers who feel their company is invested in their success and happiness by allowing them to try and learn new skills are less likely to look around for those experiences in a new job. 

Also, it’s just good to shake the dust off from time to time and try something different. It reawakens the brain and prevents it from going blank for long periods during the workday. 

There’s a health benefit to job rotation

If you’re on your feet for eight hours a day and get the chance to rotate to a position where you’re only standing half the time or less, that’s a break your knees and back will surely welcome. 

And who knows? You might just find a position within the company that brings you more satisfaction than you currently get at work. If there’s a position open, it will save the company time and resources to find a new worker when you’re already there and ready to go! It doesn’t hurt to ask about whether you could try to rotate out of your current position for a few days or weeks. 

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