4 Ways AI Can Transform Your Recruiting Strategy

AI Can Transform Your Recruiting Strategy

There are so many tools HR specialists and hiring managers can use in their recruitment efforts to find and attract the best, most qualified candidates. 

But could you do more by doing less and leaving the rest to artificial intelligence? 

AI has been around, to varying degrees, for years now. Still, it’s only recently started to be available and integrated into some aspects of our lives and careers on an everyday basis. 

How can AI be used to help your recruitment efforts? 

Here are some ways to consider: 

1. AI can scan, and screen resumes, dismissing unqualified candidates.

Hiring managers know that every job opening results in dozens, if not hundreds, of applications. It’s very time consuming to have to read through each one in the hopes of finding a few candidates worthy of a phone call, let alone an in-person interview. There are programs; however, that can use intelligent screening software to quickly review and select the applicants that best fit the job description and the company’s needs. This saves a tremendous amount of time and speeds the hiring process for the company and the candidate alike. 

2. AI-based tools, like digital interviews and chatbots, help speed the interview process and can improve a candidate’s impression of a company.

Everyone’s busy these days, and most people are becoming increasingly comfortable relying on technology to solve problems. It’s becoming more accepted and welcomed to get instant information from a chatbot, or an automated AI-based conversation with a program that can answer questions or provide additional data for a prospective applicant. Recruiter chatbots can help begin the process of finding qualified candidates, thus cutting down on recruitment time and speeding the hiring process. Digital interviews can help analyze the applicant’s word choices, speech patterns, and facial expressions to identify candidates that might best fit the team. 

3. AI can help predict which employees might be thinking about leaving.

By having employees who are switching jobs fill out an electronic form, it becomes possible to better analyze factors that might indicate an employee is unhappy and looking to go elsewhere. This provides valuable information on company morale, the workplace environment, and what employees are really feeling about the company, all of which can be used to make changes and increase employee retention. And because this information is compiled electronically, it is presented dispassionately without any finger-pointing. 

4. AI can help identify higher-quality employees.

Recruiters and hiring managers are looking for not just the right candidate to fill a position. Still, a high-quality hire, one whose productivity level is at or above the current in-house standard, with a quick learning curve and the right personality to fit into the team. There are new high-tech solutions that can interpret resume and application data to identify key factors that will help indicate a higher quality higher from one that falls below expectations. 

Our high-tech future is now, and with it comes some really incredible tools to help make the recruiting and hiring process faster, more efficient, and more successful. Consider incorporating some of these AI-based tools and see the results for yourself! 

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