The Benefits of Working with a Staffing Firm 1/3: Advice

Staffing Agency Advice

Looking for a new job is hard work. It can require long hours, several revisions to your resume and cover letter, countless interviews, and, unfortunately, sending out applications and never hearing back. It can be a very frustrating process with seemingly no end in sight. 

But have you considered working with a staffing firm? 

Staffing agencies are specially designed to serve as a go-between for companies looking to hire qualified candidates that will fit their needs and highly skilled employees looking for the right placement. 

Staffing firms can also provide great advice to people looking for a new job, including: 

Tips on how to improve your resume.

After a while, job seekers can become kind of “copy blind” to their skills, making it difficult to know what abilities to highlight and which ones to leave off their resume. Working with a staffing firm can help not only bring a new appreciation for what you’ve learned during your career, but can help you understand how your skills can be described in new ways to make your application more attractive to potential employers. 

They’ve got the inside track on what employers are looking for.

By working with multiple companies at a time, staffing firms have a better idea of not only which jobs are available, but what employers are looking for and how your skills can match up with those positions. You might overlook certain job postings because your skills don’t exactly match the description, but a staffing agency can help explain why your years of service in one job can translate into a different career with ease. 

They can also provide insider information on a company’s culture and inner workings.

If you’re working with a staffing company and you find a position on a job board, ask about it. The agency might have worked with that company before and can provide a better description of what the company’s like, what employees have to say about it, and can provide an overview of what it’s like to work there. That can help you decide whether you want to apply there or keep looking — and might save you a lot of time in the process. 

They can help prepare for your interview.

Staffing firms know the companies they partner with and will understand the kinds of questions you might be asked during an interview. They can help you prepare by offering sample questions or even practice interviews to help build your confidence and make a really great first impression. 

Best of all, staffing agencies are free for job candidates to work with, as they’re paid by companies for their efforts. There’s no downside for you! Working with a staffing agency gives you a leg up, as they can be aware of jobs that aren’t even publicly posted yet, helping your name and resume land in front of a hiring manager before anyone else. 

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