Love What You Do: Practical Ways to Find Joy in Your Work

find joy in your work

Going to work is called the daily grind for a reason. It’s so easy to fall into the routine of everything: Get up, go to work, do the same thing as yesterday, come home, do it all again tomorrow. It can be exhausting and maybe a little demoralizing. 

If work is just a paycheck, just a way to spend 40 or so hours of your life every week, it can be very difficult to find anything fulfilling in your job. 

But there are people — maybe some you know — who come in with smiles on their faces and always seem to be having a great day. Instead of wondering why they’re so happy, wouldn’t it be great to share that joy? 

It IS possible to find enjoyment in your job. Here’s how: 

Talk to your coworkers.

It can be really simple to go to work, put your head down and only look up when the day’s over. But the people standing, or sitting, near you all have stories to tell, experiences to share and maybe even a good joke or two. Isolating yourself from others, on purpose or otherwise, might be called for on occasion, but it’s a lot more fun to join the team and say hello every now and then. 

Take on a new task.

Half the time, it seems, people get bored at work and feel depressed because there’s no new challenge. So find one! Is there a big project that needs a nudge to get started? Raise your hand. Is there an obstacle that needs to be addressed? Give it a go. Have a new idea for something but don’t want to rock the boat? Quietly make a suggestion and see what happens. This is a good way to add some new skills too! 

Help someone else.

It could be a big issue or a small one; it could be a new task or an old headache, but try to find a way to work with someone to solve a problem or explain an obstacle. You’ll make that personal connection and help them learn something while sharing your expertise and perspective. There’s no downside! 

Do something for the team.

Give something of yourself to the people you work with and they’ll respond in kind. It doesn’t have to be a dozen donuts (although surprise donuts are almost always fun and appreciated), it could be something small but thoughtful. Open yourself up to your coworkers and see how they respond. Give a compliment, share a burden, offer insight in a kind way. Be part of a team and the team will be strengthened. 

Curious about something? Ask a question.

Learning isn’t just for kids at school! If there’s a project someone’s working on that you think you might like to be part of, ask. Wondering what it’s like to do a task you’re unfamiliar with? Ask. Does someone know how to do something you don’t? Ask how they learned. There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience to be found in your coworkers if you just give them the opportunity to share it. 

It’s often the small changes that can lead to the biggest differences, and that’s true of the way you feel about going to work every day too. Try to find little moments of change, of happiness, and the rest will come together! 

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