Why You Should Grow Talent From Within the Company

The day will inevitably come when a leadership position opens in your company and a search will have to begin to fill the job. 

Where do you start looking? If it’s not within your own team of employees, you might be looking in the wrong place. 

There are benefits to promoting from within instead of casting a wide net to the outside talent pool to find your next leader. 

Promoting from within can be inspirational for other workers.

If they know that their hard work and dedication is being noticed, and can be rewarded with a promotion, they’re more likely to want to stay and keep working hard. Too often employees feel like they only hear negative feedback, or that they’re stuck in positions that are going nowhere. Seeing one of their colleagues advancing is inspirational. 

The learning curve is dramatically reduced.

Bringing someone up in the ranks means you’re simply retraining them, adding to their existing knowledge and skill base, without having to start someone brand new on your company’s culture and way of doing things. Promoting from within cuts down considerably on any potential onboarding or initial training time, meaning the team can get back on track faster. 

Foster strong relationships among workers and management.

If a favorite employee, who is respected and admired by all, is promoted, it’s likely to spread some goodwill across all departments. If there were any lingering issues or animosity between the team and their previous manager, keeping a familiar face in that leadership role can help provide a kind of blank slate to get things back on the proper footing. 

Offering your employees the opportunity to advance their careers without having to change jobs, or companies could be the best investment you can make — in your business and in your team.  You’ll keep talent in-house, your employees will know they, too, can grow with the company, and you’ve built up your leadership team without a long, drawn-out and costly recruitment effort. 

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