5 Skills Every Assembler Should Have

5 skills for every assembler

Do you enjoy taking things apart, only to put them together again? Does a box of pieces and parts fill you with excitement, not dread? Can you repair an item without having any spare pieces left over? 

If the answer to those questions is yes, there’s one more for you to consider: Have you ever thought about working as an assembler? An assembler is capable of connecting components into finished products and systems quickly and accurately, using technical and logic skills to understand how everything fits together. 

Here are some of the critical skills every assembler needs to have, and ones you want to make sure you’re familiar with before pursuing a job in this field: 

1. Ability to read and follow instructions.

Whether printed out or given orally, instructions are a core part of every assembler’s job. The ability to follow steps and complete them in order is the foundation of an assembler’s job; the need to follow a sequence accurately and thoroughly every time is a must. There are no shortcuts! 

2. Familiarity with tools.

Knowing the difference between a Phillips and a flat-head screwdriver is just the beginning. Assemblers must know the right tools for the right job and know how to work them. The ability to fix and maintain tools is a big plus.  

3. Confidence in basic math.

It’s more than measure twice, cut once. It’s measuring in both inches and centimeters, yards and feet. It’s able to figure out lengths of wires and to quickly come up with sums of numbers, with or without paper to work it out on.

4. Physical stamina and strength.

In some companies, assemblers need to be able to lift and carry considerable weight regularly; the need to stay on your feet for most of an eight-hour shift is all part of the job for an assembler. Someone in good physical health might still find this a challenging job at first, but it’s something that does get more comfortable with time. 

5. Good communication skills.

An assembler is part of a team. Everyone has to work together — whether it’s two people or 20 — to make sure the product is assembled correctly and in good working order. You need to be able to be clear, concise, and direct with your coworkers about what you need, where things are in the assembly process, which item goes where and when a component is ready to move on to the next stage.  

Assemblers are the most important people in any plant. Without them, nothing gets made. These are important jobs that can pay well and can offer opportunities for advancement for people with the right skills, training, and attitude. 

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