Finding Quality Talent in the Candidate Pool

candidate pool

For every hand there is a glove, for every shoe, there is afoot. There are perfect matches everywhere — so how do hiring managers and recruiters find the best matches for their positions? 

There are plenty of qualified job candidates out in the world. But finding the one that will fit a company’s culture, with the right skills, background, talent, and personality, is a taller order. It is not, however, impossible. It just takes a little skill and some consideration from the start. 

Here’s how to find qualified candidates in the vast and deep talent pool: 

Tailor your search to attract them.

So much of the job search process, for both the company looking for candidates and the candidates themselves, takes place online. To get the attention of the right people, a company has to use the proper phrasing and keywords online. SEO — search engine optimization — and using the best-suited phrases in website coding data, along with targeted advertising on job boards, can make sure your company’s reaching the right candidates in the right places. 

Consider something a little different.

Not all career paths start and end in the same field. Someone who has worked in communications can be an excellent project manager or advertising executive because those industries have overlapping demands and require similar skills. If a candidate has a job title that doesn’t quite match, but you see the potential for cross-over applications of skills and abilities, invite them in for an interview and see how things go. 

Keep the bigger picture in full view.

Not everyone will be attracted by salary alone. Some workers, especially younger ones, are not just interested in the pay offered for a position but also the benefits, flexibility, and how a company treats and values its employees. Not all candidates use the same checklist of priorities when applying for jobs or considering offers: show how your company can help advance their career while also supporting their home life.

Check your reputation.

The best company in the world won’t attract top talent if the reputation is tarnished. Most candidates will try and learn at least some necessary information about a company before they apply. Make sure what they’re finding online, or through networking, channels are good and reflect positively on your company. The best way to do that? Treat your workers well, so they’re proud of where they spend 40 hours each week. 

Change your recruiting practices.

What has “traditionally” worked might not be the best approach anymore. Make sure you’ve got an online presence that is polished and professional while also touting your company’s culture. Reach out to business organizations, become involved in civic and professional groups, develop relationships with colleges, universities, and trade schools in your region. The more professional and work-related organizations know and respect your company, the candidates will come looking for you. 

Creating a deep talent pool and strong recruiting practices to find the best candidates takes time and work. But it will be worth it as your company enjoys growth and success. 

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