Not In Love With Your Job? 5 Signs It’s Time for a Change

time for new job

How do you feel at the end of the workweek? Do you feel satisfied with the work you’ve done, or exhausted and unfulfilled?

During the day, if you feel frustrated, annoyed, or even just bored, it might be time to consider taking a leap and finding a new job.

Here are signs that it might be time to start looking for a change in your professional life.


1. You feel invisible or not as valued as you should be.

If you feel like your manager overlooks you, your contributions, or accomplishments, it’s very easy to lose the motivation to try harder quickly. That lack of ambition and initiative can lead to mistakes or a noticeable lack of energy, leading to reduced contributions and lower overall productivity, which could then contribute to getting your manager’s attention for all the wrong reasons. Better expend that energy looking for somewhere else to work.


2. You’re not learning or growing in your position, and it doesn’t appear there are options for advancement.

Most workplaces will offer the opportunity to expand your skills, take on new responsibilities, or otherwise learn new tools or tips to grow in your position or possibly advance within the company. Does yours do that? Or is it more of a given that you were hired into a position, and there you’ll stay? If you don’t feel challenged and there’s no opportunity to learn anything new, it might be time to start looking around.


3. The so-called Sunday Scaries are feeling increasingly real.

The more time you spend on social media on the weekend, the more you might see people talk about the “Sunday Scaries.” This is a jokey way of talking about the dread of the upcoming week at work, but not everyone feels that way! If you find yourself thinking with disgust or anxiety about the start of another work week on Sunday night, or earlier, or even before the sun sets on Friday, this could be a strong indication that it’s time to find the door.


4. The workplace has turned into a professional game of musical chairs.

Are there more new people coming to join the team faster than you can learn their names? Has the company experienced an increasing amount of turnover? This could be a symptom of a larger problem, including poor management, a toxic work environment, or employees’ inconsistent treatment. Those are all indications of a company in which the environment is not healthy, and you might be better off exploring your options.


5. It’s taking a toll on your health.

How’s your diet lately? Do you sleep well? Are you going home at the end of the day, crashing on the couch, and not moving again until it’s time for bed? Has anyone mentioned that you seem more stressed than usual lately? Feeling tense and anxious at home after feeling tense and anxious at work is bad for your health. Coupled with dreading the daily grind and not relaxing on the weekend without thinking about the week ahead, if work is damaging your health, it might force you out the door sooner than later.

Be aware of how you’re feeling at work and at home and think about what might make you feel happier. Sometimes a change of professional scenery can do wonders for your life and your career.


Find Your Next Opportunity

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