Team Morale: 4 Simple Things You can do to Boost Your Team up

Let’s be honest: 2020 was one of the toughest all-around years most of us will ever see. The stress of an international pandemic might not have changed all jobs and workplaces the same, but everyone had to deal with new restrictions and requirements both at home and on the job, making everything slightly more difficult.

It’s no surprise, then, that morale might be a little low these days. But it doesn’t have to stay that way!

Here are a few simple ways to help brighten your team’s day and boost morale after a difficult time.

  1. Encourage lunch breaks.

    This is a simple step, but it can benefit employees in several ways. First, everyone needs a break. The brain needs to refresh and get a little distracted. Time away from work, even just a few minutes of it, helps reset and refocus. Second, people need to eat. Without keeping their body and brain fueled, it’s harder for workers to stay focused and do their best. Third, encouraging a team to take breaks together allows for shared time to blow off steam, chit-chat, and catch up without having to take time away from the tasks at hand. It’s a nice way to add some de-stressing time into the day without losing efficiency.

  2. Acknowledge milestones and achievements.

    Is someone celebrating a work anniversary? Did someone finish a course or certification, regardless of whether it’s directly related to work? Did someone just get married or welcome a child? Buy a house? Take a moment to share the good news! As social creatures, we like to share in each other’s happiness, even if just for a few minutes. We spend so much time with our colleagues and coworkers — in many cases, more than with our families and friends outside of work — it can make everyone feel a little happier to share a moment of joy.

  3. Offer some praise.

    It takes nothing to pay someone a compliment. Tell them they’ve done a good job, thank them for their hard work and dedication, or just congratulate your team for a good effort at the end of a long week. If someone has done something exceptional or otherwise gone above and beyond, point it out — either to the group or one-on-one. People who feel their work is noticed, appreciated, and respected will continue to work harder.

  4. Offer a day off for birthdays.

    This might not always be manageable, but if your company can make it work, offer people an extra day off to celebrate and another trip around the sun. Be flexible about this if you can, allowing them to use the day off on a Friday or Monday for a long weekend if they’d like. A bonus, unexpected day off can really lift a person’s spirits! And all they had to do was be born.

Being a positive influence on your employees’ moods doesn’t require breaking the bank or stopping the workday. Taking a few minutes here or there to bring people together and shine a light on their good work, accomplishments and celebrating the little victories can lift everyone’s mood.

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