How a Specialized Recruiter Can Help You Find a New Job Fast

The time has come to find a new job. But the thought of sending out countless resumes and going on who knows how many interviews to land a new position can feel really daunting and, to be honest, lonely. 

This is where working with a specialized recruiter can help: They can match your skills with an open position in a more efficient way than you might be able to on your own. 

Curious? Here’s how working with a specialized recruiter can help speed the job search process. 

  • They know people.

    Recruiters and staffing companies have connections. It’s their job to have insider information, of a kind, as to when jobs are opening. Their phone rings and their inbox pings when a company is looking for a new hire and, thanks to the relationships they’ve developed over time, the recruiter will know exactly what the company is looking for. Give them your resume and when there’s a match, you’ll get notified. It speeds the whole process on both sides! 

  • They’re good at what they do.

    Recruiters are highly trained at decoding job posts. They know what a company is really looking for when a job post contains vague or broad-brush descriptions and will know what skills are most needed for a given position. They also know what kind of character traits a company looks for in a candidate because they’ve typically worked together for a while. If your skills, experience, and personality are a good fit, it’ll help you get to the top of the application pile. 

  • They have information.

    Hiring managers don’t have as much time as they used to when it comes to looking at resumes and applications. By working with a recruiter, they rely on that person to understand the kind of skills they need when a position opens up. That recruiter, in turn, can best sort through the candidates they have on hand to match someone up with a job. This speeds the process for you: Instead of applying for jobs that kinda-sorta match your resume and background, a recruiter will bring you only opportunities that are a good fit, ones for which you’re likely to be a qualified and strong candidate. 

  • They’re familiar with the industry.

    When you work with a recruiter who specializes in a particular kind of work, they’re going to know everyone in that field. They’ll know who’s hiring, for what job, how much they pay, whether they’re looking for a permanent person or someone to fill in. They’ll know the company’s culture, their working hours and reputation. It’s the closest you’ll get to knowing what it’s like to work at a company outside of talking to a current employee. This can help you decide whether it’s a place you want to work or if it’s best to keep looking. This can help avoid a bad placement and, better yet, make the transition to a new job even easier. 

  • They won’t tell.

    One of the overlooked benefits of working with a recruiter, especially if you’re currently employed, is they operate confidentially. If you’re looking to change companies but stay in the same kind of work, a recruiter will not notify your current management that you’re checking out your options. They’re there to help you find a new opportunity, not to go to your boss and tattle. Their reputation is on the line! Especially if there’s a small job pond where you live, and everyone knows each other, this kind of discretion is priceless. 

When the time comes to look for a new job, a specialized recruiter can be your best friend, saving you time, stress and the effort of sending out application after application. 

Debbie’s Staffing is the kind of recruiting firm that can help you find a new job quickly! We’re ready to match you up with some of our outstanding clients when you’re ready. Give us a call and let’s get to work! 

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