The Benefits of Accepting a 2nd or 3rd Shift Position

If your job search is still trudging along and you’re not having a lot of luck looking for a traditional 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. job, it might be time to consider something a little different. 

What would you say to having your mornings free, going in to work when everyone else is going home? How about working overnight and getting home in time to see your kids off to school? 

There are certain perks that come with taking a second- or third-shift job that might surprise you. 

  • Shift differential means higher pay.

    Some companies and organizations will pay a higher wage for people willing to work off-hours, including starting in the afternoon and working until the evening (a typical second-shift position) or working overnight on a third-shift job. It’s an incentive to help make the job more desirable and, if it’s something that would work for you, it can certainly help make a difference! 

  • Eliminate lines and waiting.

    If you’re currently frustrated that there’s a long line at the post office or bank when you’re trying to make a stop after work, consider the benefits of going in later in the day or coming home as things are opening up. There are few people in line anywhere at 10 a.m. on a Tuesday or 8 a.m. on a Friday. That dreaded appointment at the DMV is much easier to schedule if your morning and early afternoon hours are open! 

  • Better work-life balance.

    If you’ve got kids at home, figuring out childcare during the day can be a hassle. Those hours before school starts and after it ends can be stressful if you’re not sure who will be home to get them on or off the bus. But it could be you! If your partner has an inflexible job that has them out the door early in the morning but home in time for dinner, you can make sure the kids get to school on time every day. If the weather causes a closure, you’re already home to be with them! You’ll also have more time for things around the house that have been piling up on the to-do list. 

  • More flexibility in your day.

    If you’re working your current job because you don’t know what else to do and are considering a career change, working a second- or third-shift job gives you the opportunity to take classes during the day to learn other skills and explore other career options. It’s a lot to take on, admittedly, but if you’re looking to add skills, try new things or change your life altogether, working different shifts does afford some educational advantages that 9-5ers don’t always get. 

  • Work in peace.

    If most of your coworkers have daytime shifts, working later in the day might give you a little more peace and quiet and the ability to focus on your job and that alone. It might help provide a more efficient environment in which you can catch up on projects without being distracted by someone else’s music or listening to an audiobook, or help you learn new skills by working with differently trained people who might need a hand. 

If you haven’t considered a second- or third-shift position before, it might be worth a thought! The transition from a daytime job to a nighttime one might take a little while, but the benefits could very well outweigh the initial hiccups. 

If you’re ready to consider making this change, call Debbie’s Staffing today. We have plenty of new job opportunities for you with companies who are looking for someone with your skills. Contact Debbie’s Staffing today, and let’s get started!