5 Traits Of Effective Team Leaders 

A strong, effective leader will have a successful team. Even if you had a banner year in 2022, you might want to see how much further your team can go in 2023, but they’ll need you to up your game as well.

Here are a few traits of effective leaders that you might want to adapt in the new year:

Great communication skills.

Each team works differently and each member of a team might have different communication needs. Have you incorporated a system that reaches each member in an effective way? Good communication skills include writing concise emails that are clear and quickly explain the information that needs to be conveyed, but it also means knowing when notes need to be distributed after meetings because a lot of ground was covered. It’s a willingness to answer questions in order to tackle pressing problems and knowing the best way to disseminate information to your team, wherever they may be. 

Organization skills.

If you want your team to stay on top of their projects, you need to stay on top of yours. While they need to be responsible for their particular tasks and deadlines, a good leader will have a solid understanding of where things stand, in addition to having a sense of who might have a little too much on their plate and could be in need of some assistance. Organization skills also include having a long view on projects and understanding when the next big ask is too much at the moment but might be workable a little later — and speaking up on behalf of your team to protect them from being overwhelmed. 

Negotiation skills.

There might come times where members of your team disagree on the best way to move forward in addressing a problem. Or something might arise where two or more members of your team are in conflict for other reasons. Are you ready to step in and handle these situations in a calm, unbiased, fair way? The ability to negotiate peace among colleagues is key for a good leader, who will make everyone feel heard, understood, respected and, even if the end result isn’t perfect for someone who feels harmed, it will be accepted thanks to your negotiation and explanation skills. 


The past few years have been hard. People, including your employees, might be looking at their lives and their work differently. Maybe their priorities are shifting; maybe they’re feeling a little more sensitive to burnout than they were in the past. A good leader will be compassionate toward their employees who are having a rough time. They’ll offer support and assistance in any way possible, whether that’s shuffling some projects around, approving additional time off, adjusting a person’s schedule or other methods to make sure your employee is able to address their situation and make things change for the better. 

Show appreciation.

Employees will leave a bad boss before they leave a bad job. A good boss is one that says thanks easily and often; who recognizes the contributions of individuals as much as the larger group. It takes nothing to be kind and to show gratitude and gratefulness to your team and they will appreciate the efforts. Workers are people too, after all, and some leaders might not always do all they can to show their team their hard work is noticed. After all, your company is only successful because of the people working there! 

A good leader is built as much as they’re born. There’s no better time than right now, today, to commit yourself to making some changes to become an even stronger, more effective leader with a team who respects and supports them at every turn. 

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