How Your Job Can Help You Keep Your Fitness Resolution

If you’ve had a desk job in the past, you know it requires a lot of sitting each day. All that sitting can lead to a lack of exercise and moving around during the day, which can lead to surprising weight gain. 

If you’re looking to make a change or maybe find a job that requires a little more movement each day, consider a warehouse job! 

Here are some possible benefits of a more active job: 

Keep moving.

Not only will you be more alert during the day as you’ll be engaged in what’s going on in front of you, you’ll be moving about throughout the facility, getting those all important steps in, using the energy from the food you had for breakfast to move yourself from place to place. Warehouse jobs require a lot of movement! 

Lifting builds strength.

If your job requires lifting or holding heavy materials, you’ll be building strength in your arms, legs, and back. Just be careful to lift properly with your legs and not your back, otherwise, you might be looking at tweaked muscles and a lot of pain. 

Gain muscle endurance.

The way weightlifters gain their strength, and big muscles are through repetition, lifting increasingly heavier weights. That’s because, after a while, their muscles get used to the weight and need to increase the weight to continue getting results. If you work in a job where you’re lifting varying amounts of weight, your muscles will get used to the repetition and can hold varying amounts of weight for longer, so your arms and legs will feel comfortable and less tired. 

Remember that what you eat matters.

If you’re in a job with lots of physical demands, remember that the food you eat becomes the energy fueling your body and keeping up with all the walking, lifting, and standing. When possible, be sure to refuel it properly, with healthier foods, good snacks of nuts, fruits or vegetables, and make sure to drink plenty of water. Eating the wrong kind of foods, or getting dehydrated, can leave you feeling tired, and exhausted both mentally and physically, and you’ll get worn out faster. You won’t have the same benefits as a physically demanding job if you’re running on fumes. 


It’s even possible if you’re looking to lose some weight and adopt healthier habits in the new year, that a new job that requires more physical movement, can help you meet those goals! Just be sure to be safe and smart and don’t overdo the physical tasks right away. Build up to it and see how quickly you notice results. 

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