The job search is rarely – some would say it’s never – enjoyable. But technology has made the search today the easiest it’s ever been.

You’re at a true disadvantage if you don’t make use of all of its gifts.
  • Create a different resume for each job to which you apply.

AI has made this extremely easy. Frankly, you’re losing out on a simple, yet fantastic, way to stand out from all other applicants. We’ve even written you a step-by-step how-to that will help tailor your resume for each position. In mere seconds.

You need to do this so that a hiring manager or recruiter can see exactly how your skills and experience fit this exact position. Too many of us send the same resume for every job, wondering why we’re never called. We have the experience, we think: we’re a match for the job.

But hiring managers and recruiters are extremely busy. They simply don’t have time to look through your resume to see if you’re a good fit. Let AI help you help them see this.

  • Build your visibility among recruiters and hiring managers on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is the place where hiring managers and recruiters look for talent.

You can, of course, apply to positions you see on the social channel. But by far the best thing you can do is to post comments and insights on the platform. This does take time, but it’s truly possibly the best way to become more than “just another candidate.” Instead, you can become known as someone who knows your industry inside and out as well as the candidate who has the skills and background hiring managers/recruiters want.

Building your presence on LinkedIn takes several steps: here’s a great “how-to” we found that can help you.

  • Keep learning, keep learning, keep learning.

Upgrade your skills. Learn new ones.

So many websites exist that can help you become certified in a new skill. Many of these are free or extremely low-cost. Learning new skills shows employers that you understand that the world of work is changing and that continuous learning is – basically – required if we want to be sought after by hiring managers/recruiters.

Of course, this will take time; time you’d rather spend doing something else not work-related: We all have many obligations in our lives such as spending time with family, friends, exercising, maintaining a home, and so on. But just one or two hours a week – or even a month – can go a long way toward helping you stay relevant in employers’ eyes.

Looking for work is never easy and it’s really something we need to focus on often, even when we’re happily employed. We all should ABS (Always Be Searching) because no one is an invested in our work/career as we are.

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