Immersive Recruitment: Using Virtual Reality to Attract and Hire Top Talent

Virtual reality will change how you attract candidates to your job postings.

These tools can help your candidates “experience” their “real” work environment, job tasks, etc., before they apply.

Showing them the “immersive job previews” will help them see if your company’s culture and job requirements fit their needs and goals.

Candidates who aren’t a good fit probably won’t apply, while candidates who fit your culture and skills requirements will be even more interested in your offering.

Immersive job previews using virtual reality (VR) will be absolute game-changers in recruiting. Giving candidates a realistic, full-circle view of their possible work environment and their job responsibilities will help you find great candidates who share your company’s expectations and values.

For example, picture a potential employee using a VR headset and being “taken” to your office or factory. The candidate can walk through the area, talk to virtual co-workers, and even “do” the tasks they need to do on the job.

This deep immersion will let them get a feel for whether your position is a good fit for them – and you. They’ll also be better able to tell if the job meets their career goals.

But wait, there’s more: Because candidates experience an engaging and “full-view” look at the role, they can decide whether to apply. If they end their candidacy, it’s saved both of you time, attention…and money.

What’s more, you can be sure that those candidates who apply due to their VR experience are much more likely to be genuinely interested in the position, which will help you know that they will be committed to the job.

As for employers, these types of job previews could potentially reduce the number of unqualified or poorly matched candidates. Because you’ve given them a “real” experience of the job upfront, candidates who aren’t a good fit likely won’t apply. You’ll thus enjoy a quicker recruiting process.

VR job previews do have their downsides.

  • Creating high-quality VR content can be expensive and time-consuming, as doing so requires skills and technology. You’ll likely need to hire – or partner with – experienced VR developers.
  • Accessibility also needs to be considered. Not everyone may have access to VR equipment. The number of people accessing your previews could be far less than you’d like. (A potential solution: offer alternative forms such as interactive web experiences or 360-degree videos that can be viewed on a “typical” smartphone or computer.

How to use VR job previews in your recruitment efforts.

Look at the critical roles in your company’s departments and/or those that might benefit the most from this deep-dive preview. At this level of VR usage, it’s wise to focus on positions that need unique skills and/or require a special work environment. In other words, what roles could a realistic job preview have the most significant positive effect on whether potential candidates decide to apply (or not to)?

Once created, promote these VR job previews on your website, via your social media channels, and within your job/career pages.

Encourage those who do experience the previews to give you feedback so that you can use their insights to improve not only the job previews but your recruitment process as a whole.

The recruiters here at Debbie’s Staffing can help you attract great candidates to your positions without the help of VR today!

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