Landing a Job With the Help of Social Media Influencers

If you’ve been looking for work for a while and have had no success, it’s time to take to social media and use the power of “influencers” to help.

Yet, don’t go to any social media site: LinkedIn is the only – place you need to be.

Today’s job market is one in which, if you’re merely submitting applications hither and yon, without focus and some work upfront before hitting “submit,” you’re pretty much throwing your application into Human Resources’ “black hole.”

The answer? LinkedIn. This website is the key to you connecting with the right people – the people who can make the decision to hire you.

(Or they know the people who can make the hiring decision REALLY well. AND they influence these people when it comes to deciding which candidate to interview and hire.)

With more than 700 million users around the globe, LinkedIn truly is the proverbial goldmine for job seekers.

It’s here that you’re able to grow your network and get noticed by potential employers and decision-makers.

The platform’s “influencers” are the hiring managers, company executives, thought leaders, and even your peers who work at the companies you’d like to work. These folks have the power to open doors, connecting you to the right decision-makers.

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

You want these types of influencers to find you. Make sure your headline and summary clearly detail your skills, experience, and your career goals.

Use the right keywords to improve how often you turn up in search results. Make sure your profile picture is of professional caliber: the shot you love of yourself on the beach may not be appropriate.

Take a look at this link to find great tips on how to optimize your LinkedIn profile.

  1. Research companies and people in your target business sector.

Follow company pages, and join relevant professional groups found on the channel. Use LinkedIn’s search to discover the people who work at the companies in which you’re interested or who have job titles similar to the job you’re seeking.

  1. Start reaching out and growing relationships.

Reply to the folks’ posts. Share their posts.

Simply saying something like “great idea” isn’t enough: your comments on their posts should add to the conversation. Share your own insights on the subject, ask thoughtful questions, and showcase your own knowledge and passion for the sector.

  1. Reach out to your connection via LinkedIn messages.

Once you feel that you have some type of deeper relationship with the person, reach out directly. If you’re not yet a first-level connection, ask to become one.  Let them know you admire their insights.

When they accept, continue the type of relationship nurturing you’ve started: share their content, ask for advice in comments, and offer your own take/experience on something when you feel it will add to the conversation/knowledge base.

Believe us: opportunities WILL come your way!

Your connections will start sharing job openings with you, possibly even offering to introduce you to decision-makers. They may even recommend you for a position.

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