How Can You Prove You’re Dependable During an Interview?

proving dependable employee

The good news is, you’ve got the interview! A new opportunity could be just around the corner. 

As you’re preparing to go in and meet with your potential new bosses, while you think about the clothes you’ll wear, and as you practice your handshake, there’s one other thing to prepare for: the interview itself. In particular, employees want to know if you’re someone they can rely on and trust. They want to know that you’ll be dependable in terms of showing up on time and consistently and that you’ll do the job correctly. How do you go about proving that before the first day?

Here are a few pointers: 

Talk about your attendance

How often did you call out sick in the past year? How many times were you late? Be honest and upfront. If there were family emergencies or health issues that came up, address them now in an honest way, without divulging too much personal information. Talk about why being present and on time at work matters to you. How do you address challenges that threaten to make you late? Show your interviewer that you take this topic seriously and that being present and punctual matters to you. 

How well do you interact with others?

It’s impossible and unreasonable to get along with all your coworkers every single day. How did you handle a situation where you and a coworker had a disagreement? Again, be honest and forthright. Explain how you got through the challenge and came out on the other side to the benefit of the situation and the company. 

Discuss how you prioritize tasks

 If you’re juggling multiple jobs at once, and someone adds one more thing to your list and declares it urgent, how do you adjust? How do you decide what really must be done first, and which items are lesser priorities? Explain your thought process and how you’d go about completing the tasks. 

What happens if your work isn’t done when the day is?

This is another excellent opportunity to discuss how you prioritize your work to complete as much as possible in a day. Employers want someone who gets the job done, but they might appreciate thinking outside the box to complete tasks, so long as everything is done correctly. 

What would a previous employer say about you?

No one’s perfect, but if you’ve had a boss or manager personally select you for special projects, or rely on you for important work, now’s the time to brag a little. But, again, be honest. If you were a key person to completing a big assignment and you were able to do so without breaking a budget and/or before the job was due, these are great things to mention. 

Employers are looking for someone who will add to and strengthen their teams. They want to know the person they choose will be an asset and will help expand their capabilities. Consider these questions before the meeting, and you’ll be one step ahead! 

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